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We are a Level 1 B-BBee Contributor

A connectivity solution that is dependable, adaptable, versatile, and affordable. This ensures that your home is equipped to meet your current and future connectivity needs with ease.

As society increasingly depends on technology and the internet for daily tasks, including the enjoyment of streaming platforms and online content from home, Hyperian IT envisions a globally connected world. We are dedicated to contributing to the realization of this vision by providing accessible fiber-optic connectivity. We are excited about the potential for individuals throughout South Africa to access a wealth of information and knowledge, empowering them to progress confidently into the future. By fostering connectivity, we aim to create a more inclusive and empowered society, where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Enjoy connectivity that is much more reliable than ADSL, with minimal downtime.

Low latency- speeding up the transfer of data!

Make buffering a thing of the past with high-speed Internet!

Connect your home to the future!

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